Saturday 28 April 2007

Please, no more lycra

That´s it. The ride´s finished! I reached the Ecuadorian border on Thursday after 10,020 kms of pedalling and decided that was far enough. The creaks from both the bike and my legs were becoming quite impressive and its definitely time to give the saddle sores a rest.

So I´m now back in Lima and met up with Emma yesterday. Fantastic!

Its been an amazing trip with extremes of weather, landscapes and tiredness, but four months of cycling every day and pretty much being totally alone is long enough. Its been a tough journey but definitely worth it with countless buzzing times. I just can´t believe that I´m not going to be cycling any more (ever again hopefully!), though I´m sure I´ll be able to think of something else to keep me occupied.

So the plan for now is to chill out for a few days together here then catch a bus up to the Cordillera Blanca (where Touching the Void is set) to do some trekking. Then that´ll be the end of anything remotely energetic and we´ll be heading up to Columbia´s Caribbean coast to spend the last month on a beach.

So this is probably the last post on the blog, though we´ll try and keep the photos updated. Thanks so much everyone for all of the comments through the trip. They really did help.

See you all in the summer.... ben